Battle Mini Track Spec Front Splitter R53 R52 R50 Mini Cooper S *FREE SHIPPING to USA*

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Road and Track tested to provide excellent durability, downforce and looks to the front of your R53 Mini Cooper.

The Battle Mini  Track Spec front splitter extends further under your car than any other splitter on the market. We've experienced a more stable, planted feel at high speeds on the road and track for our Battle Mini R53. 

The splitter is designed to bolt to the bumper and mount into holes that are already in the Mini Coopers subframe. It covers your engine providing protection to your motor and smoothing airflow under your car.  It extends under your car past the front wheels and 3.5" past the front bumper.

Made from lightweight, strong and ridged material. Will not warp in the sun. All front splitters come with hardware to mount to your R53 Mini Cooper, APR WindSplitter Rods, brackets and mounting bolts. Also a Rubber/Neoprene U-channel cut to fit on the front of the splitter if you choose to use it. We would recommend you use it as the edges or the splitter can be sharp. We've also found that it protects the front your  splitter from every day road hazards.  

You will need to drill the mounting points into your bumper and splitter, we do not drill them, so you are able to custom mount it where you would like. Go to our YouTube channel for instructions on how to mount.


$429. With FREE Shipping to the continental US. Please contact us for a shipping quote outside of the US

Feel free to call us with any questions regarding the install.

Please allow one week before it ships as all splitters are hand made to order.