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MMS Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links

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MMS Autosport Rear adjustable sway bar end links are designed, manufactured and assembled 100% in the USA!!!! MMS sway bar end links allow for an increased range of length adjustment, necessary for lowered cars or for performance alignments. Factory sway bar end links tend to be too long when the vehicle is lowered, causing the end link to position sway bar in a awkward angle causing a bind during articulation. MMS end links allow the sway bar to be adjusted to a more neutral position making it more effective with no bind during articulation. They are designed to adjust to a shorter length offering more strength and clearance between suspension components as well as to eliminate sway bar preload resulting in increased driving dynamics.

MMS only uses the highest quality T6 6061 aluminum and ultra high end FK rod ends featuring a PTFE liner to provide quiet operation, low friction, smooth articulation and eliminates bushing deflection under load.  The PTFE liner is chemically bonded to the inner diameter of the race. The liner offers a very high load carrying capacity and has greatly increased dynamic wear characteristics. The operating temperatures of the liner ranges from -65º to 325ºF offering robust reliability for both street and track use.

Sold as a pair.


  • Made 100% in the USA
  • Provides increased range of length adjustment
  • Length adjustable to eliminate sway bar preload
  • Helps to position sway bar into the proper position when static
  • Improved sway bar response due to zero compliance from spherical end
  • Increased performance due to bind free suspension articulation
  • PTFE lined FK rod ends
  • Anodized MMS military green
  • Knurled center section for optimal grip while making adjustments
  • All mounting hardware provided

Application List:

  • 2002 - 2013 MINI Cooper hatchback, convertible and clubman

Jakes notes:

We use these MMS End Links on our daily/track R&D R53. I am very impressed with all MMS products and especially their End Links and Control Arms. The range of adjustability is great and the impact it makes on the ride quality can't be matched. I would highly recommend MMS End Links on your lowered Mini Cooper.