NRG SFI SPEC 42.1 certified Quick Release

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The SRK-200-1BK generation 2.0 Quick Release is SFI SPEC 42.1 certified. Made with only aircraft grade aluminum without any plastic harness inserts, with one gloved hand, it allows the release of the quick release and steering wheel from the steering shaft with one motion.  Self index feature adds accuracy and functionality. Features a black body with titanium ring.

  • SFI Spec 42.1
  • Black Body with Titanium Ring
  • Total length 2.3"

Attention: This SFI certified Quick Release is great for track only cars. It does not come with the proper components to allow for your horn and signal delete to function. If you want to maintain those options choose from the other Quick Releases we have on the site. 

However, if you no longer need your horn and turn signal delete, you will LOVE this SFI Certified Quick Release!