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Shift Well Cover for MINI Cooper 5-Door F55 (2015-2019)

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Unique-ness for your Cooper 5-Door F55 (2015-2019)

There's more than one way to protect your shifter housing; yet so many cars come with the same old shift boot from the factory. For us, 'same old' and MINI do no go well together.

Drawing inspiration from the gated shifter found on some of the finest Italian autos, CravenSpeed created this shift well cover for the MINI.No cutting or drilling or gluing required; you can return to stock at any time.

It just works

In order to keep dust and debris away from your shifter housing, our shift well uses a sliding plate that you attach to the shifter itself. A custom spring sits around the shifter atop the pivoting ball, and keeps the plate pressed up against the bottom of the well.


The shift well cover is a perfect mate for our adjustable short shifter, but it will work (and look great) with almost any shifter including the stock lever. The Shift Well Cover does offer easy access to the unique Craven Speed Adjustable Shifter locking collar, having the collar exposed makes adjustments even quicker. Just grab and twist, set and tighten. We make covers for all 1st Gen MINIs, all 2nd Gen MINI except the R60, and the F54/F55/56/57 3rd Gen MINI.

The Shift Well Cover Replaces These MINI OEM Part Numbers except the Knob:

  • 51169266624 F55 Trim ring
  • 51169311022 F55 Trim ring
  • 51169267069 F55 Trim ring
  • 51169327338 F55 Trim ring for cars with MINI Driving Modes
  • 25117642001 F55 Shift knob with boot
  • 25117641999 F55 Shift knob with boot


But the mode selector?

Our newest 3rd Gen cover has taken us a while to design, mainly because some F56 Coopers have a driving mode selector switch integrated into the shift well. When installing our shift well cover the selector switch is eliminated. Fortunately we've found a way around this issue. Using 3rd Party app 'Bimmercode' (available for iOS and Android devices), and one of our wireless OBD adapters, you can change your driving mode on any smartphone!