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Sneed 4 Speed Carbon Fiber R53 R56 Rear Wing

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Sneed 4 Speed notes:

Fully adjustable proprietary 3D designed carbon fiber rear wing for R53 and R56 MINI, designed to produce high down force, low drag, and increased tire grip.  The wind tunnel tested proprietary 3D design uses 2 different planes of aero foils to increase down force by optimally using the air moving over the roof and down the sides of the car. Wind tunnel testing proved 213lbs of down force over stock MINI wing at 130mph with drag equal to less than 1 side mirror.  Mounts and stanchions are designed to position the wing for most efficient use of air over and around the car.  Adjustable angle of attack provides ability to adjust the wing foil for all types of tracks and driver needs.  Best results are found between 2 and 5 degrees angle of attack.  All mounting hardware is included for installation.


63” wide carbon fiber wing

Downforce Adjustable

Aluminum mounts

Weight 8 lb total with mounting hardware.

We compete with them on our race cars, and win!

 Jake's notes:

I mounted the Sneed 4 Speed wing on our Battle Mini R53 coming up on 2 years now. I was blown away at the quality of the wing and how lightweight it is. I've daily driven the car as well as 10 plus track days. Never had an issue with it! The Sneed 4 Speed Wing along with our Battle Mini front splitter removed 4 seconds from my time at the track. Prepare for a lot of attention with the wing installed. Almost everywhere I go someone is filming the car with their phone or throwing thumbs up etc...

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