Sneed 4 Speed

Sneed 4 Speed 4 point Roll Bar R53-R56

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The Sneed4Speed MINI Cooper 4 Point Roll Bar is made to fit either the R53 or R56 MINI. The Bar is made from 1.75'', 0.095" wall, DOM tubing, is NASA and SCCA legal. The main hoop, diagonal, seat belt bar and mounting plates are fully welded but the rear legs must be welded on during installation.  The mounting plates can be either bolted or welded in, we recommend welding as it takes less time and is stronger.  The 4 Point Roll Bar does not compromise back and forth seat movement or rear storage space; allowing you to fit all 4 track spare wheels*. Fits cars with or without a sunroof and does not come painted.

Roll Bar fits with interior side panels installed but some trimming of the plastic is required. 

*Tested with 205/45/17

The price is $545. The same as the Sneed 4 Speed site. We ship with the same fixed shipping rate as they do which is $60. 

Our site does not allow us to charge a fixed shipping rate so we are pricing the Roll Bar with the shipping cost added in. You will not pay any more on than you would on Sneed 4 Speed 

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